About us

Your resilience, our sustainability

Mission statement
Our mission is to provide all companies knowledge about sustainability in order to effectively build a sustainable strategy. Sky Dust provides all enterprises with the necessary tools to become sustainable, by quickly tracking resilience with AI-integrated intelligent automation and understandable, visual ESG knowledge for each user to contribute to becoming sustainable.
skydust strategies

Our strategy is based on developing AI-technology for intelligent automation that replaces valuable staff to reallocate them onto relevant other tasks. We aim to make the complex, simple by graph visualizations and high-quality intelligent automation to connect the dots. Our focus on the short-term is to offer also ESG consultancy services from a field expert to provide insights and information, give training and an ESG toolkit to train and provide staff certification. In these times we have to be resilient ourselves and thus able and willing to change the strategy, if needed.

Word from our CEO & founder
About a year ago I was on vacation in the Dutch Caribbean and saw the sun disappear into the sea in two minutes. It was a very beautiful phenomenon. I had seen it many times before but that day was different. The wind was blowing hard, the dawn was deep red in the sky, and the sea was raging. A cacophony recited by the many birds present.
Karlo Timmerman - CEO & Founder of Sky Dust Group